The Characteristics of Pregnant Boys This Is Just a Myth

The characteristics of pregnant boys are often a question of pregnant women. The answer around that question is not uncommon is a myth that developed in the community. Therefore, let's explore the truth of these myths medically. Although not necessarily accurate, there are various myths about the characteristics of pregnant boys circulating in the community. The following is a discussion of medical facts about these myths. The Facts Behind the Myths in Circulation Some myths and facts about the characteristics of pregnant boys: Fetal heart rate The heart rate of a male fetus is higher than the heart rate of a female. In fact, a number of studies have failed to prove that. Fetal heart rate can vary according to movement and age. Proportion of belly of pregnant women If the belly of a pregnant woman looks more gentle or low, it means that she has a baby boy. Conversely, if the stomach looks oval or high means it contains a baby girl. In fact, it is not possible to deter
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